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Whats Platinum Ore Look Like

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How To Differentiate Platinum and Silver

Because platinum itself has a much whiter tint to it than the traditionally well silver color of silver This is a difference that probably stands out the most to the discerning eye The added whiteness of platinum gives it a distinctive bright sheen that silver lacks Because of this platinum will often look like an "extra-shiny" silver اGet Price

Jewelry Metals 101 Gold Silver and Platinum

New discoveries of platinum ore in the 19 th century brought the metal to the attention of jewelry makers It became a symbol of wealth and status for early 20 th century celebrities Stars like Greta Garbo frequently appeared on film with platinum jewelry and accessories اGet Price

Platinum vs Titanium

Platinum is highly valuable and desired and buying platinum is considered an investment Platinum jewelry can be seen as heirloom pieces that can be passed down one day to the next generation Like gold and silver it is timeless and prestigious While titanium does not have this status it is easy on the wallet and looks just as good اGet Price

2016 vs 2017 Toyota Highlander What's the Difference

The trim within the new grille depends on trim level though The five razorlike slats are silver on the lower LE LE Plus and XLE trims and chrome on the upper Limited and Platinum On the new sportier SE trim the slats are gloss-black making the Highlander look a bit like Darth Vader -- اGet Price

What is a platinum credit card?

As a platinum credit card user you can look forward to a number of benefits Higher credit limit Platinum credit cards regularly come equipped with higher credit limits giving you greater spending flexibility It will vary between products but some platinum credit cards offer credit limits as high as $50 000 Rewards اGet Price

Palladium VS Platinum White Gold

Palladium VS Platinum White Gold Like the love shared between a married couple While it's in the same group as platinum and looks very similar it's much lighter than its sister metal which is good for pricing but might feel weird for some (and great for others) اGet Price

Platinum Ores

Such platinum concentrates are then refined Complex sulfide platinum ores are concentrated by flotation with subsequent multioperation pyrometallurgical electrochemical and chemical treatment The main countries producing platinum ore are the USSR the Republic of South Africa and Canada اGet Price

Platinum vs White Gold

21-4-2019What's the difference between Platinum and White Gold? Platinum is a naturally occurring white metal White gold is created as an alloy of the naturally occurring gold with white metals like silver and palladium to get a white hue In addition white gold pieces are often covered with a thin plating of r اGet Price

This is what the world's largest underground mine looks like

10-3-2015MINING toured Chile's El Teniente mine the world's largest underground copper operation and the sixth biggest copper mine by reserve size El Teniente is owned and operated by Codelco the state-owned copper miner and the world's largest copper producer With seven divisions اGet Price

Which Is More Valuable – Gold or Platinum?

Two of the most recognizable precious metals – gold and platinum – have long since taken a strong root in our culture From phrases like "platinum blond" or "platinum album" to "solid gold " we have an inherent understanding about the value of gold and platinum in both our society and as individuals اGet Price

Platinum vs White Gold What is Platinum? Platinum

Platinum vs white gold – What is the difference in how white gold and platinum look? White gold is usually coated in rhodium to give it a white shiny finish When comparing white gold to platinum the platinum metal will have a slight gray appearance Over time each metal will اGet Price

Titanium vs platinum wedding rings

Platinum has a nice color that is simply difficult to describe It does not look cheap 14K yellow gold is also a nice color because it matches the skin I like my platinum wedding band because it matches the steel in my watch band Its a similar color scale but there is a greater depth of color vs the watch band vs the shined platinum in the اGet Price

what does silver ore look like?

13-11-2007What does silver ore look like? I live near historic mining districts I am just curious as to what silver ore looks like in its different forms Follow 5 answers 5 Report Abuse What's going on with the world?!? 5 answers Aluminum mined in Icleand!? اGet Price


This area will run a bit cooler as well as like to trap a tiny bit of fuel which causes the carbon deposits The electrode and ground electrode are the two areas you should concentrate on As for other examples and what to look for here is a chart which shows pretty well a good range of what spark plugs might look like اGet Price

Platinum vs Palladium

However if you don't like the look of the patina you can always have both a platinum or palladium ring re-polished which will bring it back to its original shiny state Alternatively you can opt for a white gold ring which doesn't develop patina Palladium vs Platinum Cost 10/11/19 Update Wow! اGet Price

What Does A Copper Mine Look Like

What Does A Copper Mine Look Like Posted on April 28 2015 March 31 These countries are heavy into mining and have thousands of workers are employed to pull out the copper ore out of the mines so that they can get refined and be made into the scrap that we all know and love! Die Cast Aluminum Weekly What's Update Like The Sun اGet Price

Metal Iron Nickel

Note in the enlargement on the right the saw marks in the metal grains This is a good way to distinguish metal from shiny sulfide minerals like pyrite - the sulfides grains won't look so severely scraped (Photos by Randy Korotev) Sawn polished and etched slab of the Campo del Cielo (IAB) iron meteorite اGet Price

Global Precious MMI What's in the Forecast for Platinum

4-5-2018Palladium remains at a premium to platinum for the seventh month in a row Palladium and Platinum Forecast The U S bar prices of both platinum-group metals (PGMs) held above $900 per ounce for the May 1 MMI reading which is directly in line with analysts' views on the palladium's outlook as of a few weeks ago اGet Price

Precious metals gold silver platinum palladium and

Platinum (PT) - Platinum is more precious than gold it is a very strong dense metal that never corrodes In its pure form it is harder than gold and silver so for jewellery it is alloyed with 5% of other metals usually Iridium (another even rarer metal in the platinum family) to make it more workable اGet Price


The mine can be restored with 3 000 coins at level 21 It takes 1 day and 6 hours to build You will get 128 xp after completion When finished it can be moved In the mine you will see dirt stone and rocks together with pickaxes dynamite and the TNTs which you have got from your trains zoo اGet Price


All the platinum metals form square complexes like PtCl 4--or octahedral complexes like PtCl 6-- as well as similar complexes involving NH 3 and CN This is what allows platinum to be dissolved in aqua regia forming chloroplatinic acid H 2 PtCl 6 Like gold platinum has very little chemistry اGet Price

What does raw platinum ore look like

Like Many metals it has alot to do with the geology of the ground where it is found such as gold which can be black (oro preto) ect If it is in crystal form it is in cube shaped elongated cubed shape cluster of cube shaped crystals connected In bigger pieces it can look like اGet Price

sources for platinum?

25-12-2013To get chance for shiny ingots (platinum) from ferrous ore you'll want to pulverize redstone ore for the cinnabar then use it in the induction furnace (or was it smelter? whichever one is in TE3 I get names mixed up all the time) with the ferrous ore and cinnabar for اGet Price

Rubies Gold and Platinum What's Inside Your Cochlear

Cochleae come in many different shapes and sizes so MED-EL electrode arrays do too Some MED-EL electrode arrays are as short as 15 mm while others are as long as 31 5 mm At their widest electrode arrays are approximately 1 mm wide and at the very tip they are as thin as 0 3 mm Here's what some just-finished electrode arrays look like اGet Price


The price of platinum like other industrial commodities is more volatile than that of gold In 2008 the price of platinum dropped from $2 252 to $774 per oz a loss of nearly 2/3 of its value By contrast the price of gold dropped from ~$1 000 to ~$700/oz during the same time frame a اGet Price


Platinum group (Platinum Osmium Rhodium Ruthenium Palladium) - The primary ores are the native elements or alloys of the various elements or arsenides such as sperrylite They tend to occur in layered intrusives associated with chromite deposits Potassium (potash) - The primary ore minerals are sylvite (primarily) brines and langbeinite اGet Price

Learn About Rhodium a Rare Platinum Group Metal

Like most PGMs rhodium production and platinum The remaining ore is treated with sodium bisulfate NaHSO 4 and melted resulting in rhodium (III) sulfate Rh 2 (SO 4) 3 Here Is a Look at the Properties and Applications of Platinum The 9 Biggest Rhodium Producers 2014 اGet Price

Live USD Platinum Price Charts Historical Data

There are several types of Platinum ranging from scrap to bullion products Second determine the form in which you'd like to buy If you're buying Platinum bullion choose between Platinum coins bars and rounds (they look like coins but carry no face value and are اGet Price

What Does A Bad Spark Plug Look Like? 5 Simple Ways

What Does A Bad Spark Plug Look Like? 5 Simple Ways to Tell Hi there I'm Alice - the founder and Admin of automotivebros I am a car enthusiast and a great source of knowledge in the automobile industry Talk of vehicle repair tips advice on the right car products اGet Price

What is Gold Ore worth? High Grade Mining Ore

First lets look at the textbook definition of ore Ore is defined as "a naturally occurring mineral containing a valuable constituent (as metal) for which it is mined and worked" In other word ore is the most basic raw form of a mineral which requires additional processing for the valuable minerals (gold) to اGet Price